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Our Vision

Elevate Your Business With Our Digital Solutions.

At MetaTech, we pride ourselves on delivering top-notch digital solutions that surpass our clients' expectations.
Our Mission

Unleash Your Digital Potential with MetaTech.

Expand your reach, connect with new customers, and take your brand to the next level.
Who we are

We're experts in building strong brands that resonate with your target audience.

MetaTech is a company that offers software and professional development programs to help businesses succeed. They target companies in various industries, from startups to those looking to expand, with the goal of building strong brands.
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What we offer

Where Strategy Meets Digital. Your Success Story Begins with MetaTech.

Fusing innovation with expertise, we craft seamless user experiences to transform your business website & online presence.

All-in-one digital business cards. Share contacts with ease, QR code powered. The future of connecting is here.

Cloud hosting keeps your website fast, secure, and expertly managed for a successful online presence.

Elevate your brand with our exceptional graphic design. We craft experiences that drive results.

MetaTech breathes life into your brand vision. Graphic design, web development, and content creation - all under one roof.

Strong passwords, secure Wi-Fi. Build your digital fortress, browse with confidence.


Beyond simple web design, we focus on creating memorable experiences because we understand the importance of an attractive design.

Experience Innovation And Make An Impact With Every Project.

Navigate the ever-shifting digital landscape with us. Our experts will be your compass, guiding you through emerging technologies and crafting a future-proof strategy for your business.
Is Your User Experience Captivating Enough?
In today's dynamic landscape, a captivating user experience is the key to unlocking your business potential.
Secure Hosting & Tech Experts for Your Website.

Keep Your Website Safe & Secure: Expert Hosting & Tech Support.


Device Compatibility
MetaCards are designed to be used across a wide variety of electronic devices.
Need Support ASAP!
Experience the MetaTech Transformation. Contact Us to Unlock Your Potential.
How it Works

Our Process For Transforming Ideas Into Digital Solutions

MetaTech can help with your website. Schedule a free consultation to discuss your needs.


Once in touch, our team will understand your requirements and propose a tailored plan for your website.


MetaTech's graphic designers, web developers, and content creators will collaborate to bring your vision to life.


Upon completion, we will deliver a high-quality, SEO-optimized website that enhances your online presence.

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Pricing plan

Streamlined solutions. Affordable prices.

At MetaTech, we focus on delivering exceptional value a price you'll love.
Metacard Basic
Setup $99
Essential Contact Information:
*The MetaCard will be delivered within 15 business days.
Most Popular
Metacard Premium
Setup $199
*The MetaCard will be delivered within 15 business days.
Metacard Platinum
Setup $249
*The MetaCard will be delivered within 15 business days.

The MetaTech Advantage: Your Key to Unlocking the Future of Digital

The future is here. At MetaTech, we’re not just keeping up with the pace of change, we’re leading the charge. Embrace the MetaTech Transformation and unlock a world of possibilities for your business.
Common Questions

Popular Questions

The answers to the most frequently asked questions of our clients.
MetaSites are full-fledged websites with multiple pages, perfect for businesses and organizations that need room to showcase products, services, portfolios, and detailed information. MetaCards are streamlined, single-page digital business cards ideal for individuals, professionals, and those who want a quick, impactful online presence.
MetaSites: While you can use a subdomain provided by us, we strongly recommend having your own domain name (e.g., www.yourbusiness.com for professionalism and easier branding. We can help you purchase and set up a domain. MetaCards: A custom subdomain is provided on our platform (e.g., jeff.metacards.ai). You have the option of connecting a domain you already own.
Our web hosting packages provide: Secure and reliable storage for your website files. Domain name registration (if needed). Email accounts linked to your domain. Tools to manage your website content. Ongoing technical support to ensure your site stays up and running smoothly.
Yes! We offer a few options: Easy-to-use editor: We provide intuitive tools so you can make changes yourself. Assisted updates: For a small fee, our team can handle updates and revisions on your behalf, saving you time. Maintenance packages: These provide regular updates and ensure your site remains fresh.
Absolutely! We offer: Custom design: Our designers can work with you to create a unique look and feel for your MetaSite or MetaCard that perfectly aligns with your brand.

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